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paralysis, usually accompanied by contraction of certain muscles.

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invaded the inguinal and retroperitoneal glands, the peritonaeum,

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Cervical Erosions. — That portion of the uterine cervix

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bathing, others by the cold-water treatment. Cold sitz-baths and

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also arisen in hysteria and epilepsy, as well as after violent mental

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or from some other accident involving no loss of blood. Hence it is

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noticed that the formation of a large haemorrhagic infarction in the kid-

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frontal sinus, the anterior ethmoidal cells, and the maxillary

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is necessary to proper function by a diseased kidney, but anything ex-

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slight foetid discharge, with occasional pain and deafness.

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dermoids and caries of the skull may be mistaken for sub-

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known to die quite suddenly during an apparently perfectly

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disease is one which in regard to erythrocyte-formation is

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hands and feet," by which many people are troubled, are unnaturally

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treated patients for nearly 40 years. From his earliest years,

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on it, that have not disappeared after death as the hyperaemia has done.

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pregnancy, in which case it is apt to induce miscarriage, followed

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couch, with the legs flexed and everted. Then pass a Fer-

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formance we will not describe) is indicated when the pain is very

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been employed, are incomparably better than those without

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Ulcerative endocarditis and treatment by vaccine- therapy (T. J. Horder) - 714

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ease in the fibrous tissues, the joints, aponeuroses, sheaths of the ten-

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men, who merely desire to continue their irregularities unpunished.

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monia, occasional pericarditis, petechia and miliaria of the skin, and

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in itching, accompanied by an irresistible inclination to scratch, symp-

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long, they should excite the fear that the hyperaemia has induced con-

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collect a series of cases so treated, death from shock would,

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improperly during the critical years of their growth. The

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of larger " farcy-buttons," which lie deeper in the skin, in the form of

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This is shown : 1. By the large number of cases of diarrhoea occurring

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bone removed from the tympanic cavity, attic, antrum, and

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long bones induce enlargement of the medullary spaces ; in the com

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