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Island, July, 1S82. He served as Physician -in-chief to
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vate tutors. He matriculated at Princeton University in 1882 and
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contemporary, of the secular press : "You want a definition of
and the Sprain Ridge Hospital, Yonkers, New York. Dr. Meyer is a
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tioned before, but to a closer study of their details.
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about thirteen years of age her mother was taken very
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Sanitarium," a small but elegantly appointed private hos-
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J. Hervey, born 1859, died 1909 ; Isaac A., born 1861, died 1876, and
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below the level of the great trochanter's superior border
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ter and diverse talents. He was Professor of Moral Phil-
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ters which would prove poisonous to the patient if allowed to
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ilar character, but occurring in a professional flute-player.
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but also for his severity and rudeness. He was examining a
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application of a direct double ligature, that is to say, one that
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gical Treatment of Hernia," a large, illustrated, quarto
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nature. On the following day he was much better, and continued
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to the Red Cross, now the Park Hospital, since 1909, and consulting
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Mayllower, which reached these shores in i6jo' Vc? !
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ing at that address until 1901, when he removed to No. 47 West Forty-
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in Neurology and Psychiatry whom American neurologists found of
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in the country. His skill and success in abdominal sur-
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as a hard worker, and developed a special aptitude for
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Luke's and City hospitals. He is an honorary member of the Asso-
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Hospital College in 1880, and returned lo Akron, where he
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An association of medical practitioners was organized on Oct.
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It is worthy of observation, that, while the temperature is
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These various processes furnish a direct explanation of the macroscopic
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of a great literary artist. But il is out of such intellectual
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pathological anatomy, microscopy, etc., and for suitable
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of the patient, she has always been ready to regard as
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The present bullets are often tolerated. They may be extracted
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Medical Society, Missouri State Medical Society, North
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ing modern languages in Betts's Academy, and reading
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Subject: "New Remedies and New Methods of Treatment."
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Though these statistics are not as comprehensive as they
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eases : we must therefore not limit our attention to some merely
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this is contrary to what occurs in ordinary practice.
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has given years of effort to the search after a food thoroughly
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the pulse and the respiration. The changes here are apparently in part of a
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(Archives of Pediatrics, Phila., 1889, Vol. 6, 384-390).
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