ities. The specimens staineti with osmic acid showed the degeneration
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255 cases of cholelithiat-sis, or in 3.9 per cent, of the cases. Conradi
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mastoid, the gastrocnemius. One muscle was affected in twenty-one
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matory affections of the respiratory organs, are powerfully influenced
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home-hygiene and the proper mode of living. Since the
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which to work, but the results attained must depend in large
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aid to the administration of law and justice. Soon after
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months. My own experience with cases of syphilis of the brain* giving
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the subperitoneal tissues, and localized on one side or in one
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31 were stillborn, a total infant mortality of 5^y\j per cent.
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when gastric congestion and marked duodenal injection were noted, it is quite
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sumption. In the recent March Bulletin of the Depart-
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been at least four times as great had all these patienis
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Kiinstler thought might be cercomonada or the bodo urinarius of Has-
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tainly not that of tuberculosis. The need of giving to
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wards and forwards, or from side to side. Some time ago she
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For German authorities night-terrors would seem to afford consider-
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the wound. This restored the liver to its normal position, in
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pressing firmly. Sometimes the patient can find it best. The
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stasis of the greater circulation is due to weakness of the right ventricle. If,
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Medical Record and the Philadelphia Medical Journal, with
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likely so to displace the floating stone as to bring on an attack, by
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and over the os uteri, as in case of placenta previa. I out
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period. He describes his former view as regards treatment, which was that
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Universal harmony of opinion reigns regarding the manner and principle
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tube within the lii>s of the wound, and to remove it on the second or third
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that these libraries will stand comparison with any
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as regards membership in the Association will be soon re-
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cord and cerel>ellum (R. Schultze, Archiv f. klin. Med., vol. xxiii.), nor
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while the psychiatrist still discusses insanity in the
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and AnO, though less loud. With 2 ma. the ringing after AnC con-
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22 'Some Factors Relating to the Etiology of Prostatic Enlarge-
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application, especially when it is properly applied to the base
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included). Sensation is dull for pain upon the whole left (sound) side ;
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the fact that several other dyes than fuchsin are able
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and all four of B6kai's. The remainder, in which the diagnosis must


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