the parenchyma of the lung is collapsed and exsanguinated, and crepitates

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I)anitis, as well as intestinal catarrh, usually precedes the occurrence of

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may be set up, or a condition of pyemia or multiple abscess formation

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of treatment. It should be tried where the aneurysm is a menace,

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formity with which good results have been obtained by correcting such

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less completely filled with pus and serum, containing swollen and granular

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the mass is exceedingly hard, it is best to throw a steady stream of moder-

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disease. From early in the disease, extending through its clinical course,

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is believed to be in a part of the body where it will not occasion much

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formed, inasmuch as this organ may be safely removed, and yet the

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phthisical consolidation the progress of the physical signs is usually from

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in the exhalations from the body of the infected, and the air becomes so

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picious sores should be immediately cauterized to prevent spreading of

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Etiology. —Acute glossitis may develop under the influence of mercurial

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the electric influence, which produced the favorable result claimed for it.

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so that the patient is unable to protrude it from the mouth ; or, if he pro-

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remains visible from eight to fourteen days, leaving no stain or mark

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become absorbed, or undergo cheesy or calcareous degeneration. If absorp-

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albuminous principles in the cell, the nucleus becomes less distinct, the

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is a larger percentage of recoveries when frequent haemoptysis occurs.

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laceration of the soft-parts, rupture of an artery, great injury to a

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tendons requires approximation of the structures by special suture, to

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any one outside of the hospital for money to meet her expenses for at least dreaa

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confined to a catarrhal intlammation of the intestinal mucous menihrane,

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ministered. A contracted or "pin-hole" pupil maybe considered tocontra-

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6. The areas coalesce. 14. The discbarge is generally not

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106° in bilious remittent, and rarely exceeds 104° in yellow fever. The

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1 111 98,23" cases iu the U. S. army, only 1,757 were quartan.

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dropsy ; especially is there danger when it occurs with the general dropsy

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When ulceration occurs, fungoid masses may spring up upon the elevated


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